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SmartPaw is a high-tech toy designed to captivate and entertain your feline friends. This toy mimics the erratic, swift movements of prey, grabbing your cat's attention and stimulating its natural hunting instincts.

🐱Dual Control Modes
Automatic and remote control modes, easily switchable for endless racing fun.

Dual Operating Modes
Standard Mode: Automatically turns off after 5 minutes of operation.
Smart Mode: Auto-standby; springs to action upon touch, enters standby after 5 minutes, reactivates with pet's pat.

Automatic Obstacle Avoidance
Infrared sensor for automatic obstacle detection, reverses and turns away smoothly.

Self-Righting Design
With a tail installed, it self-rights when flipped; in remote control mode, press the middle button for automatic self-righting.

Wireless Remote Control
Break free from wired control, enjoy free roaming at home with 15-20 meters remote range.

Rechargeable with Long Battery Life
Type-C charging, 300mAh battery, long-lasting on a single charge, say goodbye to frequent battery replacements


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